Listening to Dyrons Journal

Due to the coronavirus epidemic it is not possible to get our full team together to make the normal weekly recordings. We have however started recording a limited edition which we hope to continue weekly. 

There are two ways you can listen to Dyrons Journal Talking News:

Listen Online

First, you can listen here online. Please click on items below to listen to our most recent editions digitally.

Recording 22nd October 2020

Recording 15th October 2020

Recording 9th October, 2020

Recording 1st October, 2020

USB flash drive delivered to your home

Secondly, there is a free service whereby Teignbridge local news is delivered each week to your home in mp3 format on a USB memory stick. This can be played on any suitable digital player or on a player (see picture) provided by us either on loan or on a purchase basis at cost price of £37.00

More information

If you know of someone who you think could benefit from our Talking News service, please contact us by clicking on this Link